Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Red Apple Balancing Soap/红苹果平衡滋润皂

Hello Kitty

'Life' Shape & Oval Orchid Shape

Pony (fully reserved)


Red Apple Balancing Soap
Shape & Price:
1) Hello Kitty: 90g
Price/价格= RM21/pcs
Available Stock/现货 = 9 (Reserved=2)

2) ‘Life’: 95g
    Price/价格= RM22/pc
     Available Stock/现货  =1

3) Oval Orchid:  80g(±5)
Price/价格= RM18/pc
Available Stock/现货  = 1

4Pony: 75g
Price/价格= RM17
Available Stock/现货  : 2(fully reserved)

5) Bumble Bear: 70g (±5g)
Price/价格= RM16
Available Stock/现货  : 2
6) Sheep: 100g (±5g)
Price/价格= RM23

Available Stock/现货  : 2


【MFG Date/出产日期】: 5.7.2013

   Registered Post: RM4 (one piece only)
   Poslaju : (WM) RM7
                  (EM) RM8.50
【成分】: 橄榄油、椰子油、棕榈油、乳油木果脂、荷荷巴油、甜杏仁油、

【Ingredients】: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fresh Apple Juicing extracted from Real Apple, Vitamine E.

【效用】: 平衡油脂、美白、保湿、抗氧化、向油腻感say bye bye, 高滋养成份,很滋润。

【Effect】: Balancing, Antioxidation, moisturizing and whitening skin.

【用途】: 洗脸、洗澡。

【Functions】:For Face and Body used.

【适合肤质】: 一般肤质

【Suitable For】: Normal skin.

【Notice】:Cure with cares for 40 days.

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